You Don't use NetScape or Internet Explorer EISTA 2017
The 15th International Conference on
Education and Information Systems,
Technologies and Applications: EISTA 2017
in the context of
The 11th International Multi-Conference on Society, Cybernetics and Informatics: IMSCI 2017
July 8 - 11, 2017 – Orlando, Florida, USA


  Program Committee

The Program Committee is mostly formed by 1) the authors of the sessions' best papers of EISTA 2016; 2) its effective invited session organizers who also were co-editors of the conference proceedings; and 3) some members of past EISTA Conferences, who were also authors of best papers. (Those who manifested no interest in participating in the Program Committee have been removed).

Program Committee Chairs
 Angel Oropeza  
 Friedrich Welsch  
 José Vicente Carrasquero  

Amos, Christopher N. (United States) The University of West Florida
Ash, George (United States) Jefferson County ESC
Boonyopakorn, Jaemjan (Thailand) Rajamangala University of Technology Suvarnabhumi
Bradford, Chelsey (United States) Valparaiso University
Brown, Henrietta (United States) University of South Alabama
Budnik, Mark M. (United States) Valparaiso University
Cavkaytar, Atilla (Turkey) Anadolu University
Creel, Amanda T. (United States) University of South Alabama
Cumbie, Barry (United States) University of Southern Mississippi
Daiki, Tennó (Hungary) Eötvös Loránd University
Dearman, Catherine (United States) University of South Alabama
Fernández, Trinidad (Spain) Technical University of Madrid
Fuchs, Kevin (Germany) Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences
Fuentes, José-María (Spain) Technical University of Madrid
Hartmann, Mutfried (Germany) Karlsruhe University of Education
Henkel, Maria (Germany) Heinrich-Heine Universität
Henning, Peter A. (Germany) Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences
Hilzensauer, Marlene (Austria) University of Klagenfurt
Hrkač, Ana (Croatia) Kindergarten M. Sachs- Zagreb
Hsu, Mark (Canada) University of Waterloo
King, Matthew (United States) Valparaiso University
Klosowski, Piotr (Poland) Silesian University of Technology
Lešin, Gordana (Croatia) Kindergarten M. Sachs- Zagreb
Mason, Sharon (United States) Rochester Institute of Technology
Métioui, Abdeljalil (Canada) Université du Québec ŕ Montréal
Mezghani, Neila (Canada) Télé-Université
Mitrofanova, Ksenia A. (Russian Federation) Ural State Medical University
O'Sullivan, Jill Anne (United States) Farmingdale State College
Petit, Frédéric (United States) Argonne National Laboratory
Ramírez, Álvaro (Spain) Technical University of Madrid
Rosener, Bill (United States) Northeastern State University
Sanger, Patrick (United States) Alvin Community College
Schmidlin, Karin (Canada) University of Waterloo
Singh, Harwinder (India) Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College
Soeiro, Alfredo (Portugal) University of Porto
Sparkes, Douglas (Canada) University of Waterloo
Styron, Jennifer L. (United States) University of South Alabama
Styron, Jr., Ronald A. (United States) University of South Alabama
Sulema, Yevgeniya (Ukraine) National Technical University of Ukraine
Takahashi, Kaoru (Japan) Tokyo University of Science
Tepeš, Krunoslav (Croatia) City Office for Transport- Zagreb
Trudel, Louis (Canada) Ottawa University
Vaida, Mircea-Florin (Romania) Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
Vangeyte, J. (Belgium) Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research
Whitworth, Sheila (United States) University of South Alabama
Wieckert, Sarah (Germany) Technical University of Dortmund
Williams van Rooij, Shahron (United States) George Mason University
Woodside, Joseph M. (United States) Stetson University
Xeni, Elena (Cyprus) University of Cyprus
Zainon Hamzah, Zaitul Azma (Malaysia) Putra Malaysia University
Zaretsky, Esther (Israel) Academic College for Education Givat Washington
Zsakó, László (Hungary) Eötvös Loránd University

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